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Indulging in EvRy Sense

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At Events by Salt we inject our creativity, our passion and your senses to create an event where evry-thing can be experienced. From your edible dummies to forest filled fragrances we not only indulge our clients desires but their senses too

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Touch creates connection, connection creates memorable experiences so we make sure to implement this in all our events.


Touch has different facets like pressure, temperature, light touch, vibration, and pain. When a sense of touch is engaged we tend to remember and understand what we touch and feel more clearly.


There are many ways to introduce a sense of touch at our events whether that's making use of tactile styling elements, textured materials or eating and drinking implements, interactive technologies or physical activities.



Sound has an incredible ability to enhance and unlock deeper levels of experience through the process of creating aural presence.


Sound is one of our strongest senses. We are able to remember them and our personal experiences with them create a potent cocktail of sensory memory that can facilitate an unforgettable event.


Sound literally affects our sense of taste so we consider this carefully when pairing these two to ensure one compliments another. 



Visual stimulation makes an event memorable by enhancing the ability to recollect specific moments.


Adding value and meaning to the decor or design of your space through visual elements and technology to stimulate the sense of sight, or the use of colour and colour schemes play a significant role in the look and feel of our events and how your guests experience it.



Visuals can excite, engage and entertain through the message and atmosphere it creates.



See taste as a vehicle for memory enhancement as this sense is often linked to our most powerful memories.


Taste isn’t just about great tasting food and drink it is also about how you integrate these into the event itself. Taste should be as much about the experience of eating as the eating itself.

Food and drink can bring your event theme to life through imaginative presentation, smells and ingredients. Matching a menu to a message or a theme could be the simplest but most impactful way that we can enhance your events.



Our sense of smell is a really powerful tool and has the ability to induce vivid emotional and physical memories and responses.


Different smells can evoke different responses like that of aromatherapy. We have pleasant smells that we can incorporate into your events that are pleasing to your guests but not overpowering enough to be noticeable.


Scented events are more dynamic and enjoyable than unscented events because ambient scenting improves guest experience, ambience and enhances themes and the sense of immersion.


"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well"

Lord Chesterfield

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